Sorry, but this product has been discontinued.
  • Whoever collects the most doggie doo wins!
  • Includes: 1 dog with leash and pump, 1 bone, 1 die, 4 shovels, 1 container of "dog food," 1 treat mold, and game guide
  • Ages 4+, 2 to 4 players
  • Playing time: 15 minutes
  • Easy clean up

Easy to play:

  • Step 1: Feed the dog
  • Step 2: Roll the die and squeeze the handle (yep, dog will fart as you pump!)
  • Step 3: Collect the doggie doo! First one to collect 3 pieces wins

Do you love wacky activities and toilet humor?  We have a great game for you! You the Doggie Doo game! This hilarious game is simple to play: 

  1. Feed the hungry doggy some goo. 
  2. Roll the die and squeeze the handle. As you squeeze the handle the dog will make some very intersting noises as he digests the goo.
  3. Collect the doggie doo on your shovel. The first person to collect 3 pieces wins!

Who who knew poo could be so entertaining?  Now you can tell your friends picking up poo is your favorite way to pass the time. 

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